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Lessons in Mezcal: The Maguey Harvest Cocktail

Mezcal is a fantastic spirit, offering a variety of subtle nuances and rich flavor. Often compared to tequila, they are worlds apart! Both are made from agave plants (blue agave specifically for tequila while mezcal can be made from a variety of agaves) and are particular to regions in Mexico.

I invited special guest Tim Master, Director of Specialty Spirits Division and Trade Education at Frederick Wildman & Sons, to the set of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen for this special episode on mezcal. He brought samples of Ilegal Mezcal to try and showed us how to make his Maguey Harvest cocktail, a versatile drink that can be served cold or warm! The Ilegal Mezcal Reposado has a smokiness akin to whiskey and pairs well with the apple cider, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup. Perfect for a holiday party or a great way to warm up during the winter chills!

Salud! -Kathy

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Keeping Warm During the Holiday Celebrations with a Punch!

With the holidays upon us, it’s time to celebrate! And nothing says celebration than being around your family, friends and loved ones… with a good glass of punch! In the winter, hot punches full of wine and spice can keep your guests warm after a long trip through the chilly weather.

My Cuties Spiced White Wine (as seen to the right, Cuties Spiced White Wine
Photo by Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen) is the perfect remedy to warm you up during the holidays or sip throughout the party festivities. The Cuties Clementines add a fragrant kick to this party sipper while mingling with the other ingredients and playing well with both the white wine and St. Germain liqueur. For a mulled wine like this, I recommend using StoneCap Chardonnay, a fantastic Washington white wine. For a truly non-alcoholic and super kid-friendly version, sub out the white wine, liqueur and brown sugar with apple cider. Most importantly, don’t forget to serve it in a fabulous punch bowl!

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Holiday Sippin': Ginger Rouge Cocktail

Fresh ginger, cranberries and orange make for a zesty syrup Ginger Rouge Cocktailwhen blended together. Not only does this housemade syrup add fantastic taste to a cocktail, but it adds a beautiful rouge tint to a drink, which is perfect for some holiday sipping!

On this week’s video of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen™, I make a Ginger Rouge Cocktail! After making my Housemade Zesty Cranberry Ginger Syrup and letting it cool, I puree it until its smooth using my Vitamix Barboss Advance. Shake in that alongside gin, vodka OR gold rum (your choice!) and Angostura bitters and you’ll have a beautiful and delicious cocktail to sip the night away!

Enjoy! -Kathy

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Two Cocktails in One: the Bellini Manhattan

Sometimes it takes two to make a delicious cocktail. The Bellini Bellini Manhattanchampagne cocktail by itself is a simple, yet great cocktail combining peach puree and champagne. The ever classic Manhattan cocktail leans more towards being spirit-forward with it’s combination of whiskey, sweet vermouth and bitters. But how would they taste if properly combined?

On this week’s video of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen™, I make a Bellini Manhattan! Using homemade peach puree, I combine that with bourbon and sweet vermouth. Topped off with champagne and edible gold flakes, this Southern-inspired drink is perfect for your next holiday party!

Cheers! -Kathy

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Citrus Twist: Grapefruit Negroni

Grapefruit NegroniDelicious citrus is a wonderful way of brightening up your taste buds as the colder months come along. From oranges to grapefruits, this season’s citrus is perfect to use in tasty libations!

On this week’s video of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen™, I make a Grapefruit Negroni! Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice is shaken up with the gin, red vermouth and Campari for this slight variation of the classic Negroni cocktail.

Enjoy! -Kathy

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Barrel-aged cocktail: JBT Blue?!

JBT BlueFrom wines to beers as well as spirits, barrel-ageing is a wonderful process that adds subtle hints of flavor to an already wonderful complex notes. But barrel-ageing a cocktail? It can be done! Trend setting mixologists and bartenders, such as Portland’s Jeffery Morgenthaler, have been experimenting with aged cocktails with some faboo results!

On this week’s video of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen™, I make a JBT Blue! This is a spirit-forward cocktail recipe that combines bourbon, silver tequila, triple sec, red vermouth and Campari. Poured into a barrel, this cocktail is aged for about three weeks. Once aged to my liking, I pour enough for one cocktail, stir with ice and garnish with a maraschino cherry!

Cheers! -Kathy

***Curious about barrel-aging your own cocktails? Check out Woodinville Whiskey Company for their stock on small or large barrels!

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Gather ‘Round – At the Kitchen Table with Chef Greg Atkinson!

Some writers have the uncanny ability to imbue their written words with their own voice. My good friend Greg Atkinson is one such writer. His words, penned or spoken, are thoughtful – measured and weighed as carefully as if he were crafting a recipe. And as the very best writers do, Greg’s words evoke powerful sense memories. His newest book, At the Kitchen Table: The Craft of Cooking at Home, is full of deeply personal stories that invite the reader to relate and connect with him. His essay on borscht calls to mind immediately my grandmother’s kitchen; I can smell the earthy beets and the simmering broth as if I were at her kitchen table awaiting a piping bowl.

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Italian Inspiration: Tuscan Rosemary Lemon Drop

Creative cocktails can come from all methods of inspiration. PhpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg - tuscan rosemary lemon dropI made this particular cocktail for my dear friends who had their wedding in Tuscany. Rosemary and citrus play well together in both taste and aroma.

This week on Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen™ I make a Tuscan Rosemary Lemon Drop! Fresh rosemary pairs well with Moon Mountain Vodka and housemade limoncello as well as other ingredients. Before serving, rim your cocktail glass with rosemary sugar, made by drying fresh rosemary and sugar together then combining together in a food processor or great blender.

Cheers! -Kathy

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