The 5th Annual Great American Seafood Cook-Off!

Talk about jet setting, I’m just now in New Orleans’ French Quarter for this years Tales of the Cocktail, then to return a week later to judge the Great American Seafood Cook Off! The cook off features one chef from every state and I’ll be tasting their creations and casting my vote for the talented chef who will take the crown.  This year celebrates 5 years of the competition with the winners to date representing Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Texas.  Let’s cross our fingers for some NW representation in the winner’s circle! This year’s NW vote is from Alaska, Robert Kinneer, and there’s one woman in the mix too, Margaret Salt Mclellen. 

Also, a great little independent book store in New Orleans’s uptown, Octavia Books, will have autographed copies of my new book, Sips and Apps.  So if you’re in the neighborhood, head down and pick up a copy.

The Great American Seafood Cook Off is July 18th-19th held at the Morian Convention Center. Click here for more information.

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