Becoming Addicted to Bacon Salt

It all started with a gala swag bag. You know the ones that I’m talking about, full of stuff you will never use. This particular swag bag held a few tasty morsels tucked within the other “stuff”: pens, gift certificates, flyers and announcements, etc. Some of the hidden treasures includes a tasty organic local sustainable chocolate bar, the old time local candy I just love, and then there was this little clear plastic bag of three little packets of Bacon Salt, all tied together with a simple red string.
I tucked these in the kitchen drawer with all the other loads of “event spices.” The next day I looked around for a healthy snack and decided upon some 100 calorie pop corn, and as I opened the drawer for a sprinkle of  sea salt those little packets called out to me . . . Ba-con, ba-con, ba-con . . . and that’s how the addiction started. …

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