Are you hungry for some fall wild mushrooms? I am!

It’s that time again when the air is crisp and cool. The ground is moist and the rains are coming… we hope! Why do I wish for rain every fall? Because no sooner do our Northwest grounds moisten up that the heavily sought after wild mushrooms start to pop up. Fall is fast approaching and that means it’s mushroom time! I love foraging for my own fall fungi –  Boletus edulis (king bolete, porcini, ceps, they have many names) Matsutake and Chanterelles!

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2 Responses to “Are you hungry for some fall wild mushrooms? I am!”

  1. Heidi Says:

    Ohhhh, Port Gamble – chanterelles are bountiful already. Eight pounds and more to harvest. I left you a few out there!

  2. Magic of Spice Says:

    I do love mushrooms 🙂