Welcome to Miami!

I love Seattle, my home for most all my life, but wow, sometimes the rain can drive you crazy. Thankfully, I had a mid winter escape to Miami. I’d never visited Miami before, but wow, what a place. The art deco hotels, the people, the food, the beach, and the sun! I loved it.

My reason for visiting Florida’s most popular city was that I was a speaker at the annual Cheers conference. Where I spoke on creative cocktails and bar trends. (Though my background is as a chef – I have been creating cocktails and signature drink menus for NW restaurants as well as many national restaurants, bars and hotels for the last 15 years. To me it’s the same as cooking – but just with liquid.)

While in Miami I got to dine around at some fantastic restaurants. My dinner favorite being Prime 112 . Delicious but pricey! On their bar they serve footed glasses filled with crunchy strips of bacon for bar snacks – pretty fun. Appetizers all range in the $25 arena. Four pieces of truffle deviled eggs with a tiny touch of caviar on top – yes a whopping $26.


China Grill’s Thai Shrimp Cake with Cactus Mango Salsa and Black Mole Vinaigrette
Miami is definitely someplace that I want to visit again – I’ll just need to fatten my wallet before going!

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