Cook Like a Pro at Home!

Kristine Kidd, the food editor at Bon Appetit for over twenty years, knows a thing or two about home cooking and Williams-Sonoma Cooking at Home proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Co-authored with Williams Sonoma founder Chuck Williams, this book is destined to be The Joy of Cooking for this generation. Including more than a thousand recipes, useful sidebars, and a wealth of additional information, even the most uncertain home cook will look like a pro with this fantastic guide’s help.  Of course, being a Williams-Sonoma product, the book itself is lovely and sure to be a beautiful addition to any cookbook collection – but more importantly, this book is one of those go-to culinary bibles that will eventually get covered in spills and stains from being right beside you in the kitchen all the time! And that is the best kind of cookbook to have !

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