Adventures with Gin

Today’s guest blog is by Erwin C. Santiago and his adventures at an industry-only seminar, comparative blind taste testing and cocktail clinic!


Hiyo! If you recall, I started off as a Foodie Intern and did a guest blog after watching the Julie & Julia movie. Since then I became Kathy Casey Food Studios’ Social Media Manager (yay! Go me!) and am learning more about the hospitality/culinary/mixology worlds. I will still consider myself a foodie newbie, but I’m learning something new every day by working with Kathy and the team.

I had the honor and privilege to attend an industry-only gin seminar and clinic held at Liberty Bar in Capitol Hill on April 27th. I’m typically a man behind the computer doing social media/techie related tasks, so being able to attend the gin tasting was a fun outing for me.

The gentlemen behind aka Wine Geek hosted the day’s event and guided the packed bar through the palette pleasing adventure. Starting the seminar off with a gin punch, Steve Olson and Andy Seymour guided us through gin’s sordid history and its evolution while Leo DeGroff worked behind the bar, preparing other gin cocktails for us to sip later. (Side note: Steve did let the audience know that Washington, Oregon and Colorado lead the nation in the number of micro-distilleries around!)


This is what I sat down to! Look at all those glasses!

I sat down with seven (….yes seven!) gins to taste. As I sipped, swished, tasted, breathed and spat out each gin, I learned to appreciate the depth of flavor of a quality base spirit such as gin. I did have to leave early but had an amazing time learning the ins and outs behind a greatly misunderstood spirit.


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