KOMO 4 News & Foster Farms

I had a great time on KOMO 4 News talking about Foster Farms chicken! Grown locally on 32 independent family-owned farms in Washington and Oregon as well as delivered fresh to stores within 48 hours, Foster Farms guarantees freshness that you can taste in their chickens.

Make sure you enter your recipes for the Foster Farms 2nd Annual Fresh Chicken Cooking Contest! This contest is open to all home, amateur and professional chefs in Washington, Oregon and California. Grand prize winner wins $10,000 and 1-year’s supply of Foster Farms fresh chickens! Click here for more contest info.

Make sure that you check out the KOMO¬† 4 News website for my recipe for Kathy’s Fragrant Lemon Grass Chicken with Coconut Milk! Super tasty!

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