Lessons in Mezcal: The Maguey Harvest Cocktail

Mezcal is a fantastic spirit, offering a variety of subtle nuances and rich flavor. Often compared to tequila, they are worlds apart! Both are made from agave plants (blue agave specifically for tequila while mezcal can be made from a variety of agaves) and are particular to regions in Mexico.

I invited special guest Tim Master, Director of Specialty Spirits Division and Trade Education at Frederick Wildman & Sons, to the set of Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen for this special episode on mezcal. He brought samples of Ilegal Mezcal to try and showed us how to make his Maguey Harvest cocktail, a versatile drink that can be served cold or warm! The Ilegal Mezcal Reposado has a smokiness akin to whiskey and pairs well with the apple cider, lemon juice and cinnamon syrup. Perfect for a holiday party or a great way to warm up during the winter chills!

Salud! -Kathy

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