Maraschino Cherries from Orchard to Jar!

Maraschino cherries (those bright red cherries) are a sweet treat often found topping ice cream sundaes, baked into a cake or garnishing a d’lish cocktail. But did you know that making them (yes! there’s a process!) requires curing in a brine solution, pitting them and having them soak in their wonderful flavor and color?

This week on Kathy Casey’s Liquid Kitchen I show you the special process made to make these delightful maraschino cherries. For this special episode, I had the wonderful opportunity to tour cherry orchards of Washington and Oregon. It was a great time getting to handpick some cherries and visit the packing area. It was even more fun to see the different steps involved in making maraschinos!

Cheers! -Kathy

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