Cherry Blossoms and Japanese Culture Festival

Cherry trees in bloom are always a sure-fire sign that spring is here. It’s also a great reminder that the Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Culture Festival will be happening soon. Seattle has a rich connection to Japanese culture and you can join in on the celebration from April 13th-15th at the Center House Pavilion.

UW - Cherry Trees
For a great view of cherry blossoms, I love to visit the University of Washington’s campus and walk around all their beautiful blooming trees.

(Photo Courtesy of the University of Washington)

There will be lots to experience! Everything to help enjoy the culture and admire the beauty of spring: learn how to play the traditional game of GO (it’s like chess); watch and listen to the rhythmic playing of taiko drumming; participate in a tea ceremony demonstration and more. Oh, and don’t forget about the food!

If you can’t make it, there are plenty of other ways to taste the culture. And there is no better way to way to fill-up than with a good roll of sushi and sake!

Tomoko Moriguchi – CEO of the Seattle institution Uwajimaya – proudly told me that her family’s company was the first grocery store in the US to sell fresh sushi. She said her parents would be so amazed to see how popular it has become over the years – kids even taking it to school in their lunch boxes! (I know I would if I was a kid these days!)

A few of my favorite sushi spots to hit are Nishino in Madison Park – their plates are like works of art. Also, check out Shiro’s in Belltown…he’s the Godfather of creative sushi in Seattle. And in Ballard have a seat at Shiku – I love their Dragon Roll!

This week celebrate the beautiful cherry blossoms blooming and Seattle’s rich Japanese culture! -Kathy

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