My Clam-tastic Weekend at Ocean Shores!

This past weekend I was invited to judge the Ocean Shores 3rd Annual Razor Clam Festival Clam Chowder Cook-Off, and I jumped at the chance! I love any activity that involves foraging for you own ingredients: picking huckleberries, hunting mushrooms, and of course, digging for razor clams! We started the day with a 7:30am dig on the beach and then headed to the festival where there were over 12,000 razor clam enthusiasts in attendance. At the festival there were tons of booths full of art, educational information, baked goodies, books, and all sorts of other clam-related items.

My sous-chef Travis and I helped judge the Non-Professional Chowder Competition Cook Off, and let me tell you – it was stiff competition! After much deliberation, Ocean Shores resident, Tra Eang, took home the First Place ribbon, with DeeDee Bass and Don Toon in a close second and third, respectively.

As for the Professional Chowder Cook Off, the Clam King, Rob “Otter” Augustus, helped me pick the winner, Home Port Restaurant of Ocean Shores, who also took home the People’s Choice award that day. Second place was Emily’s at the Quinault Beach Resort and third was Front Street Cafe at Seabrook.

All in all, it was a clam-tastic day full of great food, fun items, lovely people and, of course, lots of clams!


Hard at work tasting all of the chowders!


Half Moon Bay Bar & Grill in Westport, WA has, hands-down, “Washington’s Best Bloody Mary” garnished with shrimp, celery, pickled green bean, pepperoncini, salami stick, cheddar cheese cube, lime, pickled onion, cherry tomato. Located at 412 E Neddie Rose Drive, Westport, WA 98595 Tel: (360) 268-9166


Clam Cookie (it’s a girl!) from Suzie’s Cakes in Hoquium, WA


Glass Razor Clams from Avalon Glassworks in West Seattle


King and Queen of the Clam Festival, Rob “Otter” and Roberta “Orca” Augustus

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  1. Nancy Cook Says:

    OMG! Those Bloody Marys look fabulous. It makes me think that maybe I need to be a little more creative with my garnishes! Definately will need to try shrimp and salami with my next binge.