Secret Ingredient: Whole Foods

Earlier this year I was approached by Whole Foods to be a guest chef on their video blog “The Secret Ingredient”. Each week chefs from around the country are given a “secret ingredient” and asked to come up with a dish highlighting that ingredient.

Click here to watch the video. With lemongrass as my secret ingredient I chose to create a Coconut-Braised Black Cod. This dish utilizes a ton of fresh herbs and spices; fantastic dish for perking up chilly spring evenings.  

Personally, I love lemongrass. Many people don’t know how to use it, but it is super simple. To infuse a Thai soup I peel away the outer husks, then using the dull side of my knife, smash the bulb to break apart the fibers and expose the floral and lemon aroma. I also use lemongrass in cocktails, muddling the bulb to extract that sexy fresh flavor.

The production of the video was so much fun! I loved the host Scott Simons, he has a great sense of humor and we really hit it off. The staff of Whole Foods was incredibly professional. We laughed and joked for most of the shoot, making for a super D’lish time.

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