Lunch at Les Halles – Ny

Today after a business appointment in Manhattan I was close to Les Halles Downtown – Chef-large Anthony Bordain’s home base. Not super busy – but good food and good service. And for Manhattan, very reasonable in price. It was actually really nice to sit at a table and have a little room (Note: all the new hip places have tiny stools at long bars with 1″ in between them — so most times the guy/gal next you is actually sitting on you!)

I started with a grilled vegetable and goat cheese terrine served with a simple salad vinaigrette Рvery tasty. For my entree I had the Portugues Mussels Frites. It was a huge portion of steamed mussels with garlic, cilantro, chorizo and tomate with perfectly salted crisp fries on the side. Lunch was just under $30. A deal by NY standards.

I interveiwed Anthony Bordain a few years back and he is just as cool in person as he is on TV. I personally love his tell-it -like-it-is style. He is a smart guy and very well spoken. His certainly can tell a great story – be it print, or on air.

If you haven’t read his book Nasty Bits it’s a great read. And if your visiting Les Halles – pick up a copy of Les Halles Cookbook. You’ll want to make those delicious mussels at home …….

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