Artful Food

These pictures arrived in my inbox a couple days ago and are just too fun not to share. I’m not sure where they orginated, or who created them, but they are perfect  for a little afternoon computer break. These wonderful photos were taken by fabulous photographer, Balla Tamas!

food-art-Balla Tamás10
Photograph ©BallaTamás

food-art-Balla Tamás5
Photograph ©BallaTamás

food-art-Balla Tamás6
Photograph ©BallaTamás

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2 Responses to “Artful Food”

  1. Marty Gilliand Says:

    interesting take on the subject, count me as a new subscriber!

  2. Attila Says:

    You can check out his website.
    Here you will find other pictures taken by him.
    He is the creator and the photographer also.
    The site is in hungarian, and unfortunately only thumbnails will be displayed, because he’s selling the pictures.
    Nevertheless, it’s worth it view the other works.
    Best regards,