Aloha Palisade

A few weeks ago my assistant Mary attended a reception dinner at Palisade restaurant to meet Executive Chef Mark Randolph and Chef de Cuisine Robin Uyeda and sample their Northwest meets Polynesian summer menu. Today, Mary is our guest blogger as she pours over the details of her delicious dinner.

Hi everyone, and thanks Kathy for having me on as your guest blogger
Having been a corner stone of the Seattle Fine Dining Scene for over 15 years, I had some preconceived notions about Palisade. Put them aside. Chef de Cuisine Robin Uyeda and Exec. Chef Mark Randolph are adding a playful touch to the Hawaiian-Polynesian-Northwest menu; a tangible sense of fun present with every dish served.

My caprese salad starter delivered sliced juicy heirloom tomatoes resting under a cascadeof corn, basil, and fennel. Pillow-y slices of buffalo mozzarella topped with nitrous oxide frozen pearls of basil sauce and balsamic vinegar balanced off the plate. The combination of textures and flavors was at once delightful and delicious. The remainder of our meal featured more expertly executed and flawlessly flavored dishes, duos of fish and duos of meat and a to die for dessert, green tea tiramisu, and a fabulous pineapple shaped baked alaska that drew ohhhs and ahhhs from everyone


The cocktail menu boasted pupu platters and smart kitschy nibbles, complimented with a very creative drink program. The bar area itself lends itself kindly to an evening of escapist nibbles and sips, Hawaii 5-0 style. If not hip then a least creative alternative to your usual night out.

Scanning the room (it was hard to take my eyes off the s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g view) the clientele ranged from an older couple celebrating a birthday, to business dinners, to friends gathering, to the expected prom table. The thread weaving them all together was the sense that everyone was at ease. Here, dining up doesn’t mean buttoned up, from the food to the staff to the décor Palisade is absolutely approachable.

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