Cooking Gluten-Free with Karen Robertson

Karen Robertson has a new cookbook out, Cooking Gluten-Free! She asked several chefs around the US including myself to help contribute super fun gluten-free recipes for her new book. Here’s an excerpt from her latest blog:


My cookbook is the result of a wonderful collabaration of talented people:  artists, designers, editors, celebrity chefs and excellent home cooks.

Each person played a critical role to bring you easy recipes that taste great and make living a gluten free life……. delicious.  The celebrity chefs I worked with on this book went the distance to help make it a success. Often that meant taking a recipe designed to feed 50 people and reworking it for the home cook.   Talented chefs want to please their customers and they are incredibly accomodating to those on special diets.  The best love the challenge. They are a special group in my heart.

To continue reading and for my gluten-free recipe for a Season Rosemary Sparkle cocktail, click here.

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