Delicious to do! Chocolopolis

Ok cho-o-holics, get ready. Today Chocolopolis kicks off the grand opening of their Queen Anne store where you can taste hundreds of different chocolates. Can you imagine? All that chocolate and so little time!

It isn’t quite Willy Wonka, but with three golden tickets hiding in candy bars (the lucky winners get one free bar of chocolate every week for a year) it’s hard not to draw comparisons.

During the opening week festivities you can participate in chocolate tasting- where you will learn how to truly taste chocolate (no eating it in your bathrobe in front of the TV on the couch!), or learn what single origin chocolate is and how taste the differences between them. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet chocolate makers from artisan chocolate makers Amano, Claudio Corallo and Seattle’s own Theo Chocolates!

Sounds d’lish

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