National Popcorn Day

There are loads of d’lish food holidays out there! For example, did you know that January 19th is National Popcorn Day? Yum!

I love classic buttered and salted popcorn. It’s the perfect snack to munch on at the movies, during family game night, or as a healthy alternative to chips. And if those little 100-calorie microwave bags leave you craving something a bit more gourmet, try my ideas on how to spice up your snacking!

-Brown some butter before drizzling it on top, and then toss with cinnamon sugar to satisfy that sweet tooth craving – yum!

-If savory is more your style, add a dash of fresh chopped herbs in with some olive oil.

-How about spicing it up with a zesty hit of lime zest, cilantro and Tabasco?

-For the taste adventurer, try this: shake on some curry powder or furikake seasoning to add a truly unique and inspired flavor. Wow!

(Photo from Simply Recipes)

I’m always a fan of kicking classics up a notch and I love to grate sharp cheddar over my popcorn – but why not take it up a level by grating Manchego cheese over it and then seasoning it with sea salt and Spanish smoked paprika or experiment with different flavored seasonings like bacon salt. Just remember to be conservative with liquids like hot sauce when seasoning… no one is a fan of mushy popcorn.

So however you like it, pop up some tasty fun on National Popcorn Day! -Kathy

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