The Making of a Book – Sips & Apps – Part 1

I have been working diligantly for the past few months on a new book – Sips & Apps , a cocktail book with appetizer recipes. Cocktails have been part of my passion for years and I am so excited to finally be putting out a book featuring my favorite recipes. Today I am at Angie Norwood Browne’s photography studio.

Charlotte Omnes, my old chef at the Food Studios and now fabulous food stylist, is styling the shots. Gretchen Scobel the books designer is also here with us working on photo styling. Today is a rainy and grey day in Seatle – so Angie is shooting with natural light.


When laying out the books shots we basically make a big map on the walls with all the chapters and then tape up the different shots. This enables us to see the overall “big picticture” and how the book is laid out – what color themes are happening etc. This crude looking wall of photos will soon morf into a cohesive design.


Here at Angies tables are laden with a zillion different types of glassware, the kitchen is overflowing with plates, props, and bottles of liquor. Back at the Food Studios office Ann Manly our in-house editor is working furiously copy editing the book and removing my “multiple uses” of the words Great, Refreshing, Falvor and Fun– not an easy job! Stay tuned for more book …….

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