Party In Your Pantry™: "Over 21" Fruit Cake made with Maker's Mark

"Over 21" Fruit Cake made with Maker's Mark
Every year we turn Kathy Casey Food Studios into our OWN holiday factory… except instead of building toys, we are baking "Over 21" Fruit Cakes made with Maker’s Mark! We make about 100 cakes every year and sell them at my Food Studios in Ballard and online, but quantities are limited and they sell out fast! Mostly fruits and nuts, with a little spiced batter to bind them, these cakes are made with delicious natural dried fruit, including apricots, cranberries, tart cherries, lemon and orange peel, and loads of nuts--from toasted pecans to exotic pistachios. The plump little loaves are truly chock-full of goodies. We bake up the cakes then soak them--and soak them some more--with a Maker's Mark syrup for a little added cheer! D'lish-ousness guaranteed!

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