Food Writer Braiden Rex-Johnson Shares with Us Her Newest Venture

Braiden Rex-Johnson is not only a fantastic food writer and author, but also a dear friend.  Her latest venture brushes upon a very touching topic that affects us all. Braiden’s website allows the audience to submit their most cherished stories as well as pictures of their deceased loved ones to be honored and shared.

Braiden personally shares with us about her new venture: was inspired by the deaths of three family members within one year, and the death of our beloved companion animal, Bo-Bo the cat, the year before and never having the time (or taking the time) to mourn them properly.

As a long-time food-and-wine writer, it seems only natural that the inspiration for came about over dinner and a bottle of wine at a favorite French bistro.

The premise for my new venture is actually a provocative question: What would you say to a departed loved one if you had five more minutes to spend with them?

Contributors are invited to submit their stories, along with a photo if available, for possible inclusion as a regular or featured story. Or, if you are fearful of online forms, please send your materials directly to me at: . – Braiden Rex-Johnson

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