Nothing “Small” about Toulouse Petit

This is Cameo McRoberts filling in for Kathy for this week’s Dishing post. I’m Executive Chef here at Kathy Casey Food Studios and I’ve worked with Kathy on a lot of projects. What I love the most is sharing ideas with her! But I also love trying out new foodie hot spots. Here’s my food adventure at Toulouse Petit…

From the New Orleans inspired dining room, to the seemingly endless pages of menu, I am surely not the first to say there is nothing petit about Queen Anne’s new dining destination. It’s a little dark, has high ceilings and resonates an antebellum décor, reminiscent to the large open dining rooms prevalent in the south, where fans hang gingerly from the ceiling. The floor to ceiling windows gives the space a warm feel without being cavernous. However, Table 13 is cursed by a timed street light that flashes on and off throughout your meal; it helped in reading the menu but in frustrating intervals.

Our cocktails were fabulous, a perfect balance of fruit – without being overly sweet. I tasted the ‘Madame Toulouse’ and the ‘Bitter Love’, both of which I loved. On a separate occasion when they were out of the Campari for my cocktail all I said was, “I’ll take gin, a little fruity and not too sweet.” What was offered up was a refreshingly light cocktail that I would just as easily order again.

Their well stocked bar!

The best seats in the house are the booths along the bar. They’re the best choice for room watching with friends while filling your bellies with any number of dishes from the huge menu of seafood, soups and to the house-made charcuterie. Honestly, they could easily cut the menu in half and still have me salivating over pork parks and shrimp dishes. But how are the dishes… ?

Plan on trying a few dishes, and go with some hungry adventurous friends. While the atmosphere is dark and romantic, you’d be better served to bring other hungry mouths. Try the house charcuterie, and of course the spicy alligator. I got a couple of chewy pieces in the mix but overall it’s a fun plate and quite tasty. If you’re going to stick to small plates and appetizers, don’t forget the sides. The creamy parmesan corn grits are deep sign provoking in its deliciousness, and the cauliflower gratin with gruyere and horseradish comes to the table a mammoth bubbling mass of perfectly cooked cauliflower drenched in musky gruyere and tart horseradish. We had to send ours back to the kitchen for a reheat in the center but at the end of the day our server did it with a smile and in a few moments we were back at the bubbly plate of veggies. It’s a rich menu; even the salad doesn’t skimp on the rich creamy stilton.

Overall, it’s not going to break the bank: happy hour is always a great deal and brunch is a steal. During the week from 9am to 11am everything on the breakfast menu is 6 bucks!! Personally I’m fond of industry night on Sunday night and Monday morning, with food and drink specials with your favorite bartenders, cooks and service staff. That’s a deal I can get behind.

Toulouse Petit Kitchen and Lounge
601 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 432-9069
Mon.-Sun., 4pm – 1:30am

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