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Liquid Kitchen Edible Cocktail Gold
Add a touch of luxury to any cocktail, beverage or dish with our gorgeous coarse-grind 23 Karat genuine gold flakes.

Liquid Kitchen Edible Cocktail Silver
Add a touch of luxury to any cocktail, beverage or dish with our gorgeous coarse-grind genuine silver flakes.

Liquid Kitchen™ Golden Era Cocktail Bitters
Inspired by the Golden Era of cocktails, our bitters are infused with classic herbs and spices including gentian root, angelica, and fennel. The blend is then rounded out with the flavors of grapefruit, orange, and hibiscus. Enjoy Golden Era Bitters in your next Manhattan or Old Fashioned, or give them a try in your own favorite cocktail creation!

Liquid Kitchen™ Boston Shaker Tin and Tumbler
This Boston style cocktail shaker set is perfect for mixing up your next creative libation! The set includes one Liquid Kitchen™ Boston shaker tin and one 16 oz mixing glass.

Liquid Kitchen™ Cocktail Kit
These are the same tools Kathy uses when developing her signature cocktails.
Six-piece set contains everything you need to Shake Up Some Fun!™ Boston shaker tin, 16-ounce mixing glass, Hawthorn strainer, julep strainer, 2-sided (1-ounce x 1/2-ounce) jigger, and channel knife for zesting (you supply the lemons!)

"D'Lish" Hand-woven Baskets
These beautiful baskets and bags are made from 100% repurposed nylon shipping ribbons and are dishwasher-safe.
Hand-Made Woven Baskets

Japanese Mandolin
Kathy's "can't live without it" gadget: the Benriner Japanese mandolin. Heavy-duty resin frame fitted with 64mm-wide super-sharp slicing blade, which adjusts from 0.3 to 5mm thickness. To julienne or shred, insert 1 of 3 easily changeable blades (fine, medium, coarse). Finger guard included.

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