Ballard Hot Spot: Root Table

Today, we have guest blogger and newest KCFS Editorial/PR Intern Meredith McKee sharing her recent visit to Ballard’s Root Table.

Hi there! My name is Meredith and I am a newcomer to the Ballard area. Moving here all the way from Virginia, adjusting to the Pacific Northwest lifestyle has been challenging but exciting. I have been a professional photographer for the past 5 years and am looking forward to exploring what Seattle and Washington as a whole has to offer! My fiance and I are having so much fun checking out all of the fantastic restaurants in the Ballard area and feel lucky to be a part of such a cool neighborhood!

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure eating at Root Table. Located on NW Market Street, Root Table provides a casual yet funky vibe, perfect for a date or night out with friends. This intimate space boasts unique interior design with literal “root” tables made from slabs of knotty wood accented by the flicker of candlelight.

Known for their delicious Asian-fusion small plates, my friends and I opted to share 5 tapas dishes – grilled steak bites with panang curry, stuffed mushrooms, scallop bites, curry corn fritters and grilled prawns with Asian pesto. All were delectable with the perfect amount of spicy kick. If I had to pick one as my favorite, I would have to choose the curry corn fritters. These sweet corn cakes are served with a sweet and spicy chili peanut sauce and pack a satisfying crunch.

I just love tapas style meals – getting to taste several different dishes, sharing tasty bites and lively conversation. You aren’t consumed by individual entrees, but rather have the meal you are sharing as a topic of conversation. We topped the dinner off with a pint of local Seattle beer and a trip down the street to Cupcake Royal. Sounds like a perfect night out in Ballard to me!

To make some tasty Thai-inspired appetizers at home, try Kathy’s recipe for Kinda Retro Bacon-Wrapped Ginger Shrimp with Spicy Thai Cocktail Sauce – because who doesn’t love bacon? –Meredith

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