Book Review: Fish Without a Doubt

Fish Without a Doubt, the new book by Rick Moonen and Roy Finamore, Houghton Mifflin publishing, should be on your bookshelf now. This comprehensive tome takes the fear out of fish with an in-depth guide to preparing, storing, and shopping fish. Each fish is broken down into what to look for, best method of preparations, and flavor, giving you a chef’s mastery of the subject. Moonen and Finamore are excellent guides through this region of culinary know how, providing practical, step by step, advice to the cooking publics quires, even tackling the “when is it done” question, and the “fish-y” odor issue.

The recipes are sublime and feature influences from all over the world (Sauteed Char with Hoisin Galze and Wasabi Butter Sauce) and restaurant classics we just can’t get enough of (their take on the seared tuna). Food porn photos of Crispy Bay Scallop Hush Puppies or Bouillabasse for the American Kitchen will have you forgetting whatever you had planned for dinner and thinking fish.

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