Cold-Weather Woes? Cheer Up With Winter Citrus!

As the weather gets colder and colder, we see less of the sun and start longing for the warmth of summer. What better way to chase away your winter blahs than with some tangy winter citrus? From oranges to clementines to ruby red grapefruit, there is a citrus for every taste. Grapefruit, mostly thought of in its glass-of-juice form, is much more than that in the culinary arena. For one thing, it’s versatile—you can eat it just naked and on its own for a refreshing and bracing breakfast starter or go totally the opposite, topping it with a splash of Campari liquor and allspice-scented sugar then broiling till bubbly, for a sophisticated breakfast or brunch. In addition, grapefruit’s unique taste makes it a good foil for other textures and flavors. For example, grapefruit pairs naturally with lush avocado in salads. When thinking up other recipe ideas, we thought grapefruit could be a great stand-in for lemon, so my tasters and I tried it in Chicken Piccata with Grapefruit, Pine Nuts and Capers… and loved it. This dish has grapefruit juice in the sauce reduction and also has fresh wedges squeezed over the finished dish, giving it a bright flavor pop.

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